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#28460 - Life just seemed to flow for the next few years, half of the girls fell pregnant again, we seemed to be starting our own country, suddenly Louise was twenty four and the oldest of the kids were eleven and twelve, one morning as Danielle. The girls stated that this was who we were, the girls would understand in time, I was not so sure, just before Louise turned seventeen, she burst into my room one morning with a smile from ear to ear, she told my wife and I that she was with child, suddenly I was very concerned, you hear stories about all the problems that children have when born through incest. The babies were a wondrous thing to watch as they grew, I was instantly in love with them all, Louise to her credit adored them all as well, she was starting to fill out in places most twelve year olds did not even realise they had, she would also screw me at least twice a day, more if I allowed it, I lamented the fact that she could not have her own children (although if they were mine

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