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#170156 - Eventually I lost to the temptation and curiosity and opened the messenger app again, lying on my bed I pressed the video and again was whiteness to my mum’s legs spread on the toilet seat. I knew the feelings that I had for her were wrong but I couldn’t stop them, as much as I felt like a freak it was something I couldn’t help, I was smart enough to know that the feelings had to stay to myself and I could never let on to people how I felt and I definitely couldn’t act on them. While I was lost in this taboo sensation a saw my mother shudder under me and heard a soft moan come from her, my entire body froze and my heart stopped, like a deer in headlights I was frozen in my spot out of fear that I had woken my mum up to the sight of me naked with a giant erection and my finger on her nipple.

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Izumi segawa
I want to jump off a bridge
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That was fucking great