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#295046 - Then she then moved her hands down to find me no longer in jeans, she looked surprised but she smiled as she flopped back down from her knees on to the bed, her dark red hair falling over her breasts in the red bra, I moaned at the sight of her, she whispered I'm ready and I pulled over her at the same time as I was whipping out my man hood, I grinned at the shocked look on her face and could tell that the jerk that did her before wasn't near my size and at that point I wanted to fuck her so badly, but I knew I had to make sure she was also pleasured, so just for me I kicked away the covers, so at least I could pleasure her without being covered. --------------------------------- I found her to be in all of my classes, and I befriended her, talking to her about nasty teachers and good teachers, and what not to do or say, she would laugh but barley talk to me, all that I learned from her is that she was named Molly and she liked art. Luckily when she came back s

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