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#38611 - as he sat there he began to stroke faster and faster and panting yes baby yes baby I'm so fucking hard I'm bout to cum baby im bout to cum he drops his phones and grabbed a cloth that was beside him tenses up groans and shoots his cum all over the cloth. I looked at him and still he hadn't moved so I decide to take it a little further I undo his belt still no movement unbuttoned his pants and undo his zipper I look at him and he still doesn't move so I reach in his pants feeling his dick through his black boxer briefs and its so fucking hot in the room at this point im so hard that I just have to feel skin on skin contact so I pull his shirt up look at his sexy abs kiss them and look at him still no movement I thought damn this boy is really tired so as I put my hands inside his boxers and feel his nice bush before feeling his huge dick now I can actually feel how nice and big it actually is it feel so hard I can feel the veins on his cock I reach a little deeper

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Tomoko kuroki
Fuck i need to meet the guy hes good at thrusting mmm
Great cumshot