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#17492 - She begins by taking him into her mouth and she takes him to the root with no gagging she is pretty good he begins moaning as I stand he behind him running my finger down his ass I know that he has been cleaned out I begin running my finger around his hole he is a virgin I look at Danny as he is watching the girls helping the one’s that don’t know how to give head his dick is hard I ask him if he wants to fuck Billy and he says yes I tell him in a little while I tell Donna to stop I tell her what a good job she did I tell Karen to get over here and let me see what she can do. I ask them if they know who I am and they all say yes Master and I say good because if anyone gets out of line I will he punishing them, and they won’t like it. I tell her to lay on the bed and I ask if anyone as ever eaten pussy and Donna says that she has I tell her to eat her pussy she begins attacking her pussy I tell her to slow down and give the person time to enjoy it.

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