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#26301 - I checked my e-mail periodically to see if I got any answers. Like I said, something had been in there before. He was perfect - about 5'8, very slender, a mop of dark hair that could easily be feminine.

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Momoko momohara
They tried circumcising me but my foreskin only grew back stronger since then i have been getting circumcised every 6 months my foreskin is now stronger than steel whenever i am in danger i pull it over my body like an outer shell it is fully bulletproof fireproof waterproof and extremely lightweight i have plans to sell it as a highly rare highly resistant material and make millions bridges will be made out of beams of foreskin and police units will wear foreskin vests
Because most women don t cum without clitoral stimulation and he s well aware of that fact evidently unlike some men out there