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#135458 - Stroking his cock and running her fingers through his hair was making him very horny, he picked her up and put her on the table while Jessica pulled him on top of her using his cock to pull him closer. What reason would I have to lie to you? she answered his question with another question Something here seems very odd Jessica, well what’s up? he said looking into Jessica scared eye's but no answer came out of her mouth Jessica something smell's fishy around here and it isn’t all the pussy, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? he yelled, Still no answer from Jessica as she just started into his eye's Ok Jessica don't tell me, Ill just ask that meat-girl what’s going on calling over the guards Guard's go to Jessica's room and bring me the slave he ordered them. Ohh Jess I almost forgot to tell you, we have installed a new laser processor Jerry said Laser? Jessica asked Yes its so easy and very fun, we hook the designated meat-girl to in the mach

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Well did they get their alcohol
Mysterious heroine x
I like getting it pleasured too xd