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#114256 - like milk. I started to get dressed and they waited for me by the door, as we walked out the room and into the school grounds on of them said, “Tell me, did you liked it?” I was not embarrassed by the question, he had asked an a way that I felt like we were friends and I felt comfortable saying, “Yes” and we all smiled at each other and he said, “You see, I told you”. They changed places again and this time he was taking his time and I realized that I was truly enjoying it, I liked his cock, it filed me and then he stopped pumping me and while grabbing me by my hips he said, “You do it” I didn’t understand at first but then he moved my hips and I understood, he wanted me to push my hips in and out of his cock, he was standing still with his hands grabbing my hips while I worked his cock, I was giving him my buns freely for his cock to enjoy them that went on for a couple of minutes and then he grabbed my hips, went deeper into me till I felt his pubic hair and then he moved my hip

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Chizuru naba
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